Trio serves as pets, workers

By Country News on June 07, 2017
  • Trio serves as pets, workers

    Ben, 13, Lucky and Nugget, both 4, travel on the back of the ute every chance they get.

  • Trio serves as pets, workers

    Nugget the kelpie loves rounding up the chooks.

  • Trio serves as pets, workers

    The three dogs enjoy a walk with Mrs Seach, especailly when they can chase after foxes or kangaroos.

  • Trio serves as pets, workers

    Libby Seach, with her dogs Ben, Lucky and Nugget on thier Longwood farm.

What are their personalities like?

Libby: They are all obedient and they love life. They give me a lot of pleasure. They are clean in the kennel but they will roll in stuff not so pleasant. Ben is still very keen. He does what he knows he’s capable of and then sits in the shade and watches the other two until they reach exhaustion. He’s very smart. He’s a very good dog and one of Roy’s last dogs from when he was working the sheep on his own.

I hear the younger two have very different running styles.

Libby: Lucky runs like a greyhound and Nugget like a helicopter as his tail goes round and round like a helicopter (rotor) when he runs.

What are Lucky and Nugget’s best roles on the farm?

Libby: Lucky was meant to be the yard dog and Nugget the paddock dog. They are all good and very keen workers. They just love the sheep.

Roy: They are both the same.

How do they get on with the chooks?

Libby: As soon as I say ‘chook’, Nugget will round them up. Lucky will steal eggs when I’m not looking — Lucky will do it every day if he gets the chance.

Do you go for walks with them?

Libby: They get exercise morning and night. I walk them around so they don’t get bored. I walk them around the creek because there is not much sheep work. I got a fright the other day; I heard a splash and thought they had fallen in but it was a kangaroo. They (the dogs) chased after it but didn’t catch it.

What would you do without them?

Libby: I don’t think we could live without a dog, whether it was working or not.

Words and pictures: Rodney Woods.

By Country News on June 07, 2017

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